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Rules Beach Handball

Rules Beach Handball

1. Playing Court
Beach Handball is played on a court that is 15 meters long an 12 meters wide.

On both of the short sides of the rectangle is the 6 meter goal area enclosed.

At the end of the goal area a handball goal (3 x 2 meters) is placed in the center of the goal line.

The longer boundary lines of the court are called side lines, the shorter ones are called goal area lines.

The substitution area for the court players are the side lines.

The goalkeeper must enter the court over the side line of his own goal area and leave the court over the substitution area of his team.

2. Teams

A Beach Handball team consists of 8 players. The goalkeepers/specialists have to be marked with a shirt in different colour.

A maximum of 4 players per team (3 court players and 1 goalkeeper) is allowed to be on the court.

Only the goalkeeper is allowed to enter the goal area. The remaining players are substitutes who remain kneeling in their own substitution area.

3. Balls

All players are barefoot and play with a round, non-slippery rubber ball (men’s ball: 54 - 56 cm circumference and 350 - 370 g weight; women’s ball: 50 - 52 cm circumference and 280 - 300 g weight).

It is allowed to dive for the ball, bounce the ball, throw, catch, stop, push and hit the ball.

4. Goalkeepers

The goalkeeper is allowed to touch the ball with any part of his body for defense in the goal area.

The goalkeeper is allowed to enter the court from the goal area without the ball.

Two points are awarded when a goal is scored by the goalkeeper.

After a goal the game continues with goalkeeper throw.

5. Playing the Ball

It is permitted to throw, catch, stop, push or hit the ball by using hands, arms, head, thighs, torso and knees as well as diving for the ball when it is lying or rolling on the ground.

A goal is scored when the entire ball has crossed the entire width of the goal line.

6. Playing Time

The game consists of two halves, which are scored separately. Each half lasts 10 minutes, the half-time break lasts 5 minutes.

If the score is even at the end of one half, the „golden goal” is used (restart with referee throw).

The winner of each half is awarded one point. Each half begins with the referee throw.

7. Scoring

If both halves are won by the same team, this team is overall winner with the score 2:0.

If each team wins a half, the „Shoot Out“ (one against the goalkeeper) will be used.

The winner of the Shoot Out wins the game with the result 2:1.

8. Punishments

A suspension must be given for wrong substitution, repeated fouls, unsportsmanlike conduct and progressively punished fouls.

The suspended player can be replaced as soon as there has been a change of possession between the two teams (turnover).

The second suspension of a player results in a disqualification (red card). Fouls which endanger the opponents health, fouls of the goalkeeper during „Shoot Out“ also result in a disqualification.

Furthermore, the rules of the IHF are to apply, with some changes in the scoring system:

  Two points are awarded for creative or spectacular goals (especially inflight and spin shots), for goals scored by the goalkeeper an for goals scored by a 6-m throw.

9. Philosophy

Because of the fast change of ball possession, a fixed-position defense is practically never, a fact which results in an almost bodiless game.

Fun and spectacular scenes, like diving for the ball in the sand or the attempt to score „in flight“ are more valuable than winning at all costs.

Caused by the permanent 4:3 – situation, goals can be scored relatively simple in a technical-tactical approach in the Beach Handball.

After a goal, the game is directly restarted without starting signal from the goal area.

This is the reason why the game is played at very high speed and with many spectacular actions.

The Philosophy of Beach Handball is based on the principles of


Also high score differences can become equalized by the special scoring (in flight, pirouettes and goalkeepers goal) and by the fact that each half counts separately.

10. Shoot Out

Besides the “inflights”, the spin shots and the character of the fast counterattack make out the attractiveness as well as the „Shoot Out“ when a draw is observed after the two sets.

Five players of every team throw in turns at the opposing goal after a pass of their own goalkeeper from the own goal area, under consideration of the three step rule.

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